Noemi Priolo was born in Palermo in 1990. After her graduation at the Academy of fine art of Palermo, she moved to London, where she currently lives and works. Her work is based on a concentric thought able to channel any disturbance and enchantment into a close and necessary relationship between human beings and the world they perceive: a dialogue between the man and the unachievable ideal of humanity set in a sinful and guilty culture. The story of men denying to themselves the freedom of being animals, which inevitably turns the reality into bestiality. Noemi faces these themes adopting a symbolic language. The materials she uses play a role of ancestral connection with the primitive aspect of human beings, where both the repressed unconscious and what is ordinary find relief. Each thought has a shape created by means of specific co-original elements: fabric, silicon, feathers, polystyrene, resin. Her artistic path has started in the Academy environment of Palermo, where she took part in various group exhibitions, such as DOMINA23 at Zino Palace and Invasioni Urbane at Polo Riso. Moreover, she was listed among the finalists of the Catel prize at the Scuderie Aldobrandini in Frascati in 2014 and of the Fisad International Festival of Art and Design school prize in 2015. Noemi organised her first solo show in 2016 at the Davide Paludetto Contemporary Art in Turin.